Quip for Team Collaboration

Far too often team collaboration looks like too much email, pointless meetings, and chaos as project deadlines approach. Quip enables teams to be more connected, more aligned, and more collaborative so your team can focus on what it does best.

Make every meeting count

There's nothing worse than leaving a meeting feeling like you've accomplished nothing. Quip is the perfect place to create an agenda, capture notes together in real-time, and assign tasks to follow up on action items after the meeting. Drive every meeting to useful outcomes.

Share meeting notes in Quip

Keep your team on decimal point

Say goodbye to clunky, static endless grids. Quip’s team-driven spreadsheets are modern, social, and contextual. Use a familiar interface and 400+ functions to create mega-reports or simple, bite-sized tables. Add your spreadsheets to your documents to give better context and visibility.

Manage budgets in Quip

Turn chaos into marching orders

Quip helps you track work efficiently without the burden of project management tools. Create a single-source of truth document where everyone can stay updated on their deliverables. Add checklists, assign owners with @mentions, and use comments and chat to make real-time decisions.

Plan and track projects in Quip

Organize your work in one place

The best teams run a tight ship where work is organized, accessible, and easy to stay updated on. In Quip, your team can organize their work into shared folders where everyone can create, share, and discuss work together. When everything is in one place, it's easy to find what you're looking for.

Organize work in a wiki in Quip

Your work anywhere, anytime

Whether you're traveling around the globe, between offices, or on the train to work, you need to stay connected with your team. Quip's native mobile apps help your team access, create, share, and discuss your work no matter where you are in the world.

Stay connected via mobile in Quip

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How Quip Teams use Quip

At Quip, we use Quip for everything. Our teams love Quip because it keeps them organized, aligned, and connected. Here’s a few examples of documents and spreadsheets we use to drive our business.

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